We at Genevieve Swiss take pride in supporting the high quality products that we represent after the sale.
Should you have questions regarding the use of any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us directly
to speak with one of our applications associates.

Located below are some of our support documents for our more popular product lines.
The values stated for speeds & feeds are only to be used as a starting point as variables can change from one application to another.

Live Tooling Repairs Restoration

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multidec® Turning Inserts

multidec® Microboring Tools

Thread Whirling

Ti-Loc® End Mills & Saw Arbors



Carbide Slitting Saws


Rotary Broaching



Knurling Tips 

  • Speeds & Feeds
  • Straddle Knurling, Bump Knurling, Diamond Knurling
  • Surface Speed to RPM Conversions

Swiss Silver Cutting Oil

Swiss Silver Cutting Oil MSDS Documentation PDF

  • Physical & Chemical Characteristics
  • Fire & Explosive Hazard Data
  • Reactivity Data