Broach Tools

Broach Tools


Precision manufactured in-house, GenSwiss' brand new GSX line of premium hexagonal rotary broach tools deliver high-performance cutting for industries requiring the highest degree of standards.  Hexagonal sizes from 1.5mm to 10mm are available with a premium-grade GSX material for use in alloys.

Some GenSwiss™ rotary broach tool lines are imported from Switzerland are some of the finest broach tools available anywhere. Generally held within .0004" of size, these rotary broach tools meet or exceed requirements set forth by the Aerospace, Automotive and Medical Industries. Standard Hex sizes are stocked as well as ISO 10664Torx style Hex Lobular Rotary Broach tools in a variety of standard sizes. Optional features include pressure relief vents supplied in the broach tool to allow trapped cutting oil and air to escape, preventing hydraulic lockup. 

Key Features
Highest quality broaches for Medical, Aerospace and Commercial applications

Ground from proprietary materials to provide superior tool life.

  • 28mm OAL Signature Series broach tools are compatible with GenSwiss 2160 broach holders.
  • 1 1/4in OAL Signature Series broach tools are compatible with competitors' holders.
Wide Range of Sizes and Shapes

Enhanced cutting geometry provides optimal cutting results for various materials.



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