Precision Tool Holding

GenGrip Drill Bushings & Hydraulic Clamping System

GenGrip Hydraulic HoldersBack to top
  • Easy clamping hydraulic system or set screws for micro tools
  • Low TIRs down to .00004in
  • Activate clamping from front or rear of tool block
  • Coolant-Thru

TI-Loc® Tooling

Ti-Loc® Small ToolingBack to top
  • ER integrated taper
  • Low TIR for saw and mill holding
  • Decreases tolerance stacking
  • Endmill extensions for micro tools

Signature Series Saw Arbors

GenSwiss Signature Series Saw ArborsBack to top
  • Integrated ER Saw Arbors as well as straight shank offerings.
  • GenSwiss signature combo arbors hold an extra round shank tool in addition to a saw blade.
  • Metric saws in USA stock.

Collet Sleeves & GenQuick-Tool Holding

Signature Series Collet SleevesBack to top
  • Swiss Precision Collet Sleeves
  • Double Ended Collet Sleeves
  • Coolant-Fed Collet Sleeves
  • Standard Coolant-Thru

SAU Holder

NEW SAU Holder for CITIZEN MACHINESBack to top
  • Cost Effective Solution for Tool Holding
  • Leaves Clearance for Longer Tools
  • Direct Fitment Tool Holder
  • Protects Live Tooling Drive Gearing