Magnetic Finishing

Magnetic Finishing

Magnetic Finishing Systems For Burnishing and Micro-Deburring

Magnetic finishing is a superb means of deburring small delicate non-ferrous parts. A magnetic wheel is used to excite stainless steel pins that swirl around your parts. The burnishing process of the pins rubbing against the parts is capable of knocking off micro-burrs and leaves your parts with a smooth and lustery finish.

  • Simplifies finishing of small delicate NON-FERROUS parts
  • Provides a highly burnished finish without deforming sensitive features
  • Automated programmable timer and rotation
  • Compact and usable for workbench or machine-side deburring
  • Magnetic vortex uses stainless steel pins for deburring media
Key Features
Finishing Units Includes:
  • Programmable functions
  • Variable speed
  • Timer functions 
  • Bowl with cover
Finishing Media & Compound
  • Burnishing stainless steel media pins come in two sizes; .3x5mm and .5x5mm.
  • Use stainless steel media with Compound M burnishing solution which includes a rust inhibitor for optimal finish and protection
Magnetic Wand In Action!

Magnetic vortex uses stainless steel pins for deburring media.



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