Utilis Multidec-Lub Coolant Wedge

Are an exclusive product only from Utilis. It easily replaces the standard OEM wedge offering faster tool setup and coolant delivered precisely to the tool tip. The flexible stop allows the tool holder to be replaced safely and quickly. The supply of high or low pressure coolant can be provided by a distributor block or directly in to the Multidec-Lub wedge.

Coolant with two to eight outlets, hoses in a range of different versions and lengths, plus diverse fittings and quick couplings are available as accessories for complete high-pressure and low-pressure solutions.

Key Features
Utilis High Pressure Coolant Delivery Wedges

With Utilis HP coolant wedges, coolant can be accurately delivered directly to the tool tip without bending and aiming tubing.

Utilis High Pressure Coolant Wedge Replaces OEM Wedges

Utilis coolant wedges are available for many machine models and allows the use of any tool holder brand.

Wide Range Of Options And Accessories

Utilis offers a wide variety of manifolds, fittings and hoses to fit many machine configurations and any setup providing exteme flexibility.



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