FR-CMF-610-S: CMF610 Set

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GSI Part
Magnetic Finishing Set
Bowl Size
Magnetic Separator Wand
Wand with hook and handle
Compound Type
Compound M - Burnishing in magnetic finishers
Compound Weight
Media Type
Polishing - Pins

Magnetic Finishing Systems work great as a complimentary process in shops where small parts are being manufactured. The Magnetic Finisher works by spinning .5mm diameter proprietary grade 304 Stainless Stainless media in a centrifugal vortex producing a delicate rubbing action that can remove light burrs, improves surface finish and provide edge breaks of .002"""" - .003"""".

Typical applications would be parts manufactured on Swiss Type CNC Machines. The system works best on materials that are non-ferrous and do not possess any magnetic properties. Copper, Aluminum, Brass, Titanium, Non-Magnetic grades of stainless steel, and Plastics are just some of the possible materials the system works well on. Ideal applications would be RF Connectors, Stainless & Titanium Medical parts, Brass valve bodies etc. Ask us about a FREE applications trial.

• Edge rounding of .002-.003in
• Removes micro burrs
• Improves surface finishes