CTE-16-1.59-064160: Ti-Loc ® Mill Extension - Ø1/16", ER16 Taper, Ext. Ø6.35 x 16mm w/Stop Screw

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GSI Part
ER Taper Size
Extension Length (L1)
Tool Bore Size (D1)
Extension Diameter (D2)
< .0002in
Coolant Capability

GenSwiss Ti-Loc® Micro End Mill Extensions provide an excellent method of holding small shank rotary tooling in a rigid fashion that makes clearing the guide bushing or sub-spindle easy while ensuring exceptional rigidity and low TIR. A must-have for any micro milling application! Signature Series  Ti-Loc® Mill Extensions are designed to work with virtually any collet or tool holder that employs the dual angle ER collet system (DIN6499).  Simply insert the Ti-Loc holder into any ER nut and twist to align the locking cam profile.

 Reduces Tolerance "Stacking" for low TIR <.0002in
 Directly Mounts to ANY ER Taper Live or Static Tool Position
 Extends the Reach of Micro-Endmills and Small Shank Rotary Tools
 Enables QUICK CHANGE of tooling
 Coolant Thru Capability in ER16 Sizes